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Analyze user behavior across your website with data you can rely on. Make informed decisions about the future of your website with advanced features and functions.

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Analyze user behavior the simple and smart way

Gain an advantage over the competition with in-depth user behavior analytics that combines both quantitative and qualitative data. Explore how many visitors churn, including exactly what they did before they left. 

Smartlook offers you precise data via a UX-friendly interface, so you don’t need to waste time studying for long hours to learn how it works. Sign up, activate your account, and begin your analysis immediately. 

Create a website that converts

Session recordings

Study recordings of how users navigate your website, including how they interact with it. Use advanced filtering to focus solely on important actions and record 100% of your traffic via always-on session recordings.


Optimize website CTAs and on-page elements with click, scroll, and movement heatmaps. Need heatmaps immediately? Generate them in no time using existing data to boost your conversions!


Determine which user actions are important to you and get the insights you need. Use our event picker and create events with one click. Found something event-worthy while reviewing session recordings? Define new events while watching.


See whether users are following your intended path and spot high-exit points that lead to low conversions. Want to know how much money you’re losing with each drop-off? Try our revenue insights.

Behavior Flows

Determine how customers navigate through your website or mobile app, compare different routes in A/B testing, and watch corresponding session recordings of routes that require further analysis.

What makes Website analytics stand out?

Smart additions that ensure reliable results

Retroactive insights

We begin collecting data the moment you implement your website activation code, ensuring it’s ready for creating heatmaps and funnels immediately.

Cross-platform analytics

Connect the customer journey through websites and mobile apps by combining funnels — an ideal solution for those operating on both platforms.

Qualitative + quantitative data

Get answers to both “How many” and “Why.” Improve your website by analyzing not only how many of your visitors didn’t convert but also why.


Get deeper insight into user behavior via direct data from your user’s browser. Identify problems and send them directly to your development team.

Connect Smartlook with 50+ integrations

Broaden your analysis without sacrificing your existing tech stack.

We follow strict privacy and security standards

Get reliable user behavior data while respecting user privacy and security. Since 2016, we’ve processed more than 400 TB of data – we sure know how to handle it correctly.

Website analytics is ideal for:

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