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See what users do on your website or app and understand why they don’t take the action you want them to.

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Always-on session recordings

Never miss out on important user interactions

Session recordings, aka session replays, are the best way to see how users really interact with your website or mobile app–from a click, to a tap, to a scroll.

See where visitors are getting angry, lost, or confused. Uncover bugs and errors and understand users’ pain points in a couple of seconds, rather than in a pile of support messages.

Session recordings are ideal for:

Focus only on what really matters

We make analysis through session recordings time-efficient with the help of filters


Visited URL, duration, and more


Country, IP, and more


Device, OS, and more


Add-to-cart clicks, page scrolls, and more

Take a shortcut to what’s important

What makes Smartlook an
awesome session recording tool?

Always-on recordings allow you to record 100% of your traffic by default. No data sampling.

See the entire, actual users’ interactions from beginning to end.

Get the full context when analyzing. View key user details like, location, last activity, etc.

Uncover bugs and errors that lead to user frustration.

Watch actual user journeys on both your website and mobile app.

Share recordings and insights with team members in 1 click.

The complete guide to session recordings

Get all the answers to what, why, and how session recordings can improve web and mobile apps.

We take privacy and security seriously

Track user behavior on your website and on your mobile app. We strive to protect personal data as required under applicable privacy laws.

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