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Find out exactly where users drop off and see why they don’t follow the path you want them to. Fix the problems and plug the $ leaks.

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Retroactive funnel analysis

Use existing data to confidently convert users

Funnels are a great visualization of how people follow the path (series of website pages, app screens, or events) you expect them to take in order to convert.

See exactly how many users move from one step to the next, what issues prevent them from converting, and what are your high-exit pages and why.

Funnels are ideal for:

We make retroactive funnel
analysis richer and more insightful

Event-based funnels

Get more insights than the ones provided by only URL-based funnels. Mirror the complex activities a user is expected to perform (URL visits and events) and optimize the user experience to avoid drop-offs.

Retroactive funnels

Speed up user behavior analysis by using existing data. Forget the long wait of collecting data. Skip to the most important part of your optimization process: hypothesis and testing.

Funnel breakdowns

Find valuable insights by segmenting and analyzing user behavior data with the help of breakdowns. Add your own custom properties to get personalized insights on whether registered users convert more than those who logged in, or US visitors make more purchases than non-US visitors.

Session recordings

See why users dropped-off of any step of your funnel. Spot the differences between converts and non-converters or zero in on the segment of users that matters the most. Start watching from the exact moment users dropped-off the funnel.

Funnel anomalies

Set up conversion rate thresholds and get notified when anomalies are detected in your funnel. Identify the problem and fix it quickly.

Revenue insights

With revenue insights, you’ll know exactly how much money you lose with each drop-off. You can even view estimated losses over the next twelve months under the annualized missed opportunity.

What makes Smartlook’s funnels stand out?

Track user behavior on your website and in your mobile app.

Get the full picture. Combine events and session recordings effortlessly.

Get meaningful data based on your needs with the use of custom properties.

Use data you already have and create funnels retroactively by using events.

Create new events in a matter of seconds with our no-code Event Picker.

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