How user journey insights helped CricHeroes improve their user engagement and retention rates

How user journey insights helped CricHeroes improve their user engagement and retention rates

Dec 23, 2022
Find out how CricHeroes uses Smartlook to streamline their app’s user interface, increase in-app messaging, and knock customer queries for six
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Smartlook features

CricHeroes in a snapshot

With nearly 17 million users, CricHeroes is the world’s largest cricket network. Originally a scorekeeping app for grassroots cricketers, it has evolved into a social sports network relying on performance analytics to improve how members play, watch, and understand cricket.

With CricHeroes, you can do the following:

  • Score, analyze, and discuss cricket matches
  • Receive detailed insights to improve individual player and team performance
  • Find teams to join, tournaments, grounds, umpires, and more
  • Register and manage your own tournaments

Smartlook features used
Session Recordings

Watch authentic video recordings of user behavior on your website. Replay sessions and segment recordings to focus on important user groups.


Track all clicks and interactions across your website. Identify the most crucial events and browse session recordings to explore user interactions in-depth.rn

CricHeroes was looking for precise data regarding how their app is used so they can help improve user engagement and retention rates

CricHeroes wanted to continually improve their app’s features to grow their user base and ensure their customers were getting the best experience possible. The problem was they didn’t have access to data that allowed them to visualize how the user journey unfolded, including where users misclicked and got stuck. Without this data, CricHeroes couldn’t make informed decisions about how to upgrade their app’s features or develop new ones. 

To solve the problem, CricHeroes implemented a behavior analytics tool to generate the data and insights they needed. Specifically, they wanted:

  • A step-by-step understanding of how people use their app
  • To encourage behavior linked to higher user engagement and retention
  • Identify points where users stop engaging and mitigate them
  • Identify points of strong user engagement and amplify them
“If we can give users the value they are searching for in week one, they’re more likely to keep using the app. So, although onboarding is very important, it’s difficult as we have different user personas. So we needed to know which activities users were doing right after signing up. Based on that, we can improve our onboarding to retain more users.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Smartlook is a flexible, affordable way for CricHeroes to analyze user behavior

CricHeroes chose Smartlook as it includes the behavior analytics features they wanted at a competitive price. 

“Smartlook provides very useful features at a much more affordable rate compared to similar products, which is an important consideration for start-ups.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Once Smartlook was implemented, the CricHeroes team was immediately able to access and explore insights into the user journey.  

“After setting up Smartlook, we soon found our first insights. We could see live session recordings straight away. And once we had integrated events and user traits, it was really easy to apply filters and check particular recordings.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

CricHeroes improves and streamlines the user experience with data and insights from Smartlook

CricHeroes’ product growth team uses session recordings and events to streamline and improve the user journey. Now they have access to precise, real-life data regarding how users interact with their app. With this, they can adjust existing features and develop new ones to optimize the user experience. 

This includes improving the onboarding experience, removing unnecessary features, and encouraging user behavior (such as direct messaging) which leads to stronger engagement and retention. 

“With Smartlook, we can check and analyze data regarding different user segments for different features. This allows us to better predict the types of changes we can make with our current app features, including new features we can introduce to help achieve the metrics we have set for user engagement. When viewing recordings, I can see exactly how much time a user is spending on each step, where they click on a particular screen, where they’re not filling out details, and where they get stuck.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Boosting direct messaging by 11% by giving relevant nudges

Direct messaging is one of the app’s core engagement features. CricHeroes uses automated nudging to encourage users to exchange messages with one another. 

By analyzing session recordings, they successfully identified new points along the user journey where users are likely to contact other users. After adding extra nudges at these points, users sent 11% more messages.

“Previously, we only had two nudges that pushed users to message one another. We’ve improved the nudges by viewing the recordings to see where users can easily access an extra nudge. By using Smartlook in this way, we have improved the overall use of messaging by 11%.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Improving the onboarding experience to optimize user retention 

Now, CricHeroes is no longer in the dark about what users do after signing up. By pulling up data on specific events — such as viewing scorecards, creating teams, and visiting leaderboards — the CricHeroes team can view all relevant session recordings to identify and analyze behavior patterns. 

Seeing what users do before and after a specific event helps CricHeroes understand what users are looking for, what makes them stick around, and what turns them away. These insights enable CricHeroes to adjust their features and workflows to provide a smoother, more enjoyable user onboarding experience and maximize the likelihood that users will continue coming back.

“Smartlook events are really easy to use and give very useful data. I mainly focus on events that are tied to our metrics around engagement and particular features. For example, we have leaderboards showing top players by region, country-wide. Being featured on the leaderboard is a big achievement for any player, but before, we couldn’t see the specifics of engagement on those leaderboards. Now I can see at which point users come to the leaderboard, what motivated them to visit, what they do there, and at which point they leave.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Streamlining the user interface by removing unnecessary or unpopular features

Using Smartlook’s session recordings, the CricHeroes team realized that users rarely responded to pop-ups encouraging them to check their achievements. Instead, users tended to view their achievements after prompts from notifications. To resolve the problem, CricHeroes simply removed the pop-ups.

Analyzing session recordings for specific workflows helps the CricHeroes team identify and mitigate the obstacles that led some users to drop off early. For example, users can challenge other teams to matches. Before, users were required to share their contact information with opposing teams. But once CricHeroes realized this requirement was causing some users to abandon the challenge, they changed it.

“The recordings showed us that users were clicking on the challenge-taking button. But when it came to sharing their number with the other team, they clicked on the ‘back’ button instead. So we decided to integrate the internal messaging system so that challenge-takers can chat with each other without sharing any contact details.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Resolving customer queries faster using Smartlook

CricHeroes’ customer support team uses Smartlook to help them resolve customer queries faster. By filtering session recordings to search for user IDs, the team can see what occurred when a specific person was using the app and quickly determine how to resolve the underlying issue.

“Smartlook’s filters are extensive, really specific, and helpful. This allows us to find any sessions we want, whether they’re for a particular user ID or if we want to see how many users have done a certain event.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes

Next steps for CricHeroes and Smartlook

The CricHeroes team is excited to continue updating and developing new app features based on insights gained from Smartlook. Next, they plan to improve nudges that encourage paid users to repeat purchases. They’re also exploring how insights from Smartlook can help their sales team optimize their landing pages and sales funnel.

“Using Smartlook really makes my work easier. It’s informative, insightful, easy to use, and features a nice user interface. Even though there’s a lot of information, I don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s very easy for me to view whatever I want. And there are so many features to help me work collaboratively with colleagues — sharing sessions, adding notes, saving a particular segment, and revisiting it.”
Parita Pithwa
User Engagement Lead at CricHeroes
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