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The modern user journey is complex and includes multiple touch points. With Smartlook, you can track the entire customer journey and compare data across various platforms with one interface or multi-platform funnels.

Smartlook identifies each user with a single ID across desktop and mobile apps, giving you a holistic view of their journey. Based on insights, you can enhance the user experience and determine which platform is struggling and why.

Smartlook’s unique feature set

Session recordings

Session recordings are the best way to see how users interact with web and mobile apps. Always-on session recordings allow you to record all user interactions from beginning to end.

You can easily identify and zero in on a single user’s session recordings with a unique ID.


Track key user actions across web, native apps, or mobile games. Retroactively gain access to event statistics in zero time thanks to automatic tracking, and start analyzing data immediately. Use events as filters to access the crucial parts of session recordings.

Create merged events when events take place across both platforms.


Create funnels to see the steps that lead toward conversion when a user interacts with your web, mobile app, or game. Gain insight into how users move through funnels, including what issues prevent them from converting, and which screens have a high exit rate and why.

Build and combine event funnels across web and mobile apps. Take your analysis to the next level with help from filters.


Heatmaps are a great way to visualize aggregated data as a single image of all user interactions, including swipes, button taps, scrolls, and more. Easily switch between web and mobile app heatmaps with one intuitive UI.

Smartlook’s heatmaps record 100% of all sessions by default — no data sampling.

Behavior Flows

Behavior flow diagrams are an excellent tool to discover how your users move throughout your website and mobile app.

Using such diagrams can help you troubleshoot the user flow of pages and screens to determine whether your intended routes work as expected.

What makes Cross-platform analytics stand out?

Track user behavior on your website and in your mobile app.

Minimized tool stack

Limit your analytics tool stack to tools that track user behavior across platforms. Get the complete picture of the modern cross-platform funnel.

Quick time-to insight

You’ll know Smartlook is working as soon as your first user session recording comes in, typically within a few minutes.

Easy to navigate

The data you require falls into place with minimal to zero intervention from your team — aggregate user behavior data from various sources with a single, unified dashboard.

Holistic view

Identify patterns and trends that may not be visible when looking at data from a single platform.

Retroactive heatmaps for your mobile app

Generate a heatmap for important fragments of your mobile app in a matter of minutes! Segment your heatmaps based on date and see how users interact with every fragment in your app. We automatically organize all heatmaps into galleries so you can see and access everything in one place.

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